2017 Historic Zoar Village Program Guide

Your guide to school programs, camps, classes, and tours.



Hands-On Guided Tour
Students learn about life in the 1850s through tinsmithing, butter churning, making a toy, planting a seed, pulling bread out of the ovens, pumping in the bellows in the blacksmith shop, and more! Activities are tailored to the amount of time for the tour and the interests of the teacher. $4/student, $6/parent chaperones. Available all year! Allow at least 1½ hours for tour – 2 hours is better.

Boats, Locks, and Skinners
Build a lock and take a walk on this Ohio & Erie Canal adventure! Students visit the Ohio & Erie Canal museum where they will analyze primary documents about the canal and view a model of a canal boat. In the second part of the program, students hike the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail to Lock 10 to see what remains of the canal and the buildings along the canal. $4/student, $6/parent chaperone. Available all year! Allow 2 hours for tour.

Zoar School Day
Find out what the school day was like for German immigrant children. Use a slate and pencil, copy maxims, take a spelling test, and try some arithmetic with our schoolmaster. See the old school and the new school in Zoar and find out how the children lived in Zoar. $4/student, $6/parent chaperone. Available all year! Allow 1 ½ hours for tour.

Trade, Steal, or Share?
The German immigrants who settled Zoar faced tough decisions when they arrived in America. Where should they buy land? Who should they trust? And when things weren’t going well, they had to decide if they could keep up with a capitalist economy or if they should try a communal economy. This program teaches students a job in Zoar, and then asks them to decide the best way for every person to have what they need to survive. $4/student, $6/parent chaperone. Available all year! Allow 2 hours for this program.

Civil War School Day
Available only on September 8, 2017, 9am-3pm. Experience the sights and sounds of the battlefield, camp and home front! Reenactors, first-person characters, and costumed interpreters explain what life was like during the Civil War. Registration required by 5pm, Friday, September 1. $4/student, $6/parent chaperone.

Scholarships are available for any school or outreach program. All you need to do is submit an application. Scholarships may be used for transportation or admission fees. Contact us for more information.


Each outreach program is an hour-long version of the field trips – but instead take place in your classroom with a costumed interpreter! Cost is $75/class.

Trade, Steal, or Share?
Students learn about the people of Zoar and then complete an activity that teaches students why the Separatists chose a communal way of life.

Boats, Locks, and Skinners
Learn about Zoar and the Ohio & Erie Canal by interpreting primary sources, viewing a model of a canal boat, and analyzing historic photographs of Zoar and the canal. Learn why the canal was an important form of transportation.

Zoar School Day
The German Schoolmaster visits your classroom to teach a typical Zoar School Day. Use slates and slate pencils, copy maxims, learn arithmetic, and try a spelling test.


Spring into Zoar -- April 28, 10-4
Hands-on activities in the historic buildings help your children experience life in the 1850s! Crafts focus on spring cleaning and planting. $4/student, 1 adult free, $6/additional adults (18+).

Harvest Homeschool Day -- October 6, 10-4 
Help us prepare for winter! Hands-on activities teach children what the people of Zoar had to do to make it through the long winter. $4/student (4-17), 1 adult free, $6/additional adult (18+).                                                       

Civil War School Day -- September 8, 9-3
Available only on September 8, 2017, 9am-3pm. Experience the sights and sounds of the battlefield, camp, and home front! Reenactors, first-person characters, and costumed interpreters explain what life was like during the Civil War. Registration required by 5pm, Friday, September 1. $4/student, $6/parent.


July 5, 6, & 7

To make reservations for all classes, call (330) 874-3011

Watercolor Classes – Paint the Buildings of Zoar
This six-week class meets once a week on Thursdays from 3pm-5pm at the Zoar Schoolhouse. Instructor Jack Fetzer from Canton, Ohio, will lead you through the basics of material layout and design as well as watercolor painting techniques. Cost is $60/participant and reservations are required. A supply list will be given when you make your reservation.  Check our calendar for dates and other upcoming classes and events.

Rag Rug Weaving Classes
Learn to weave on a two-harness floor loom from 10am-5pm in the Historic Zoar Sewing House. $75 per person includes instruction, materials and supplies. Each student will take home a completed project. Classes are by appointment, so call 330-874-3011 to schedule your date.

Beginning Blacksmithing Classes
Learn the basics of blacksmithing as you forge a hook and nail from 8am-5pm. This class features plenty of time at the anvil while you discover the history of smithing. Limited to 4 apprentices and  reservations are required. $110/participant.

Intermediate Blacksmithing Classes
Must have completed the Beginning Blacksmithing Class to register. Students spend all day at the forge working on a project to take home. Project may include leaf work, fullering, horseshoes, fire poker, rake, or a paper towel or bathroom tissue holder. Limited to 3 apprentices and reservations are required. Class is from 8am-5pm and $135/participant.

Advanced Blacksmithing Classes
Must have completed the Intermediate and Beginning Blacksmithing classes to register. Students will spend the day learning forge welding and fire welding at the old forge. Working projects may include a welded fire poker, nail header, and chain. Limited to 2 apprentices and reservations are required. Class is from 8am-5pm and $145/participant.


This award-winning series takes place on the first Saturday of every month, at 1pm in the Zoar Schoolhouse. Topics focus on the people and events that made local, state and national history. Check our calendar for upcoming speaker events.


Group Tours                                                                                                                          Group tours may be booked any time of the year. Groups of 10 or more may tour our historic museums with a costumed guide  for $7/adult and $4/child. Add a tour of the Zoar Church for $50. Allow for an additional half hour for this presentation and organ performance. Call 330-874-3011 for availability.

Group Tour Lunch Options                                                                                               Enjoy a boxed lunch in the Zoar Schoolhouse from local eatery Simply Cinnamon or choose a German menu catered by Benson's Market and Catering.

You may also contact Canal Tavern of Zoar (330-874-4444) or Firehouse Grille and Pub (330-874-2170) for lunch in a historic Zoar building.

Nearby Bolivar offers Italian dining at Georgio's Grille (330-874-3889) or a diner-style menu from Canal Street Diner (330-874-4814).

Ghost Tours -- October 20, 21, 27, & 28
Tours leave each night at 6:30, 6:45, 7:00, 7:15, or 7:30. Costumed interpreters share spooky tales of the former inhabitants as you walk through the historic buildings and streets by lantern light. Encounter ghosts in the buildings and gardens of Zoar! Cost for these tours is $15/adult (11+), $10/child and reservations are required.

Christmas Tours -- December 5-21
Learn the Christmas legends and traditions of Zoar like the broomstick tree and the clay horn. See the buildings decorated for a 19th century Christmas and enjoy Christmas carols played on the organ in the original Meeting House -- now the Zoar United Church of Christ. Cost is $8/adult, $4/child or $7/adult for groups of 10 or more. Tours are by appointment only, so call to make reservations and to add an authentic German lunch to your day!


To reserve any of these programs, call Stephanie Toole at 330-874-3011 or 800-262-6195. We look forward to seeing you in Historic Zoar Village!