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Civil War in Zoar

Come be a part of history as hundreds of Civil War soldiers and civilians “invade” the Historic Village of Zoar.

About the Event

The largest Civil War Event in the State of Ohio comes to the Historic Village of Zoar, Ohio in September 2023, when Civil War reenactors “invade” the town to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Zoar Civil War Event. Battles both Saturday and Sunday, as well as artillery night fire, a historical ball, and the Anvil Tavern. Admission is $10/adult; 12 and under are free.

Civil War in Zoar FAQs

The battle and demonstration times are set by the commanders. A full schedule will be posted for the event.
No, this is a recreation of a number of battles and used as an educational demonstration for the public.
The Civil War will return to Zoar in September of 2023.
Admission is $10/adult; 12 and under are free.

Get Tickets

Tickets aren’t yet available for this event. It will return in September 2023.

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