Find your personal connection to Zoar.


Find your personal connection to Zoar. Explore our Genealogy page for information on Zoar family history. Genealogical resources include photographs, census records, and family trees.

Historic Zoar Family

Society of Zoar Separatists

Read the project summary by Claire Kandle, MLIS for information about the citizens of Zoar.

List of Zoarites

View a list of Zoarites from 1817. Names are listed alphabetically.

Society of Zoar Separatists

A list of known surnames of the Separatists of Zoar and the regions they can trace their ancestry to.

Other Resources

Take a more in-depth look at Zoar’s history with the provided materials.

A Brief History of Zoar

Read a brief history of Zoar by Howard A. Sarbaugh. Sarbaugh was the Principal of Zoar School and Secretary of Zoar Historical Society.

Separatist Principles

Read the Zoarite's religious precepts.

Zoar Catalog of Building Sites & Dates

A resource describing the various structures in Zoar as they appeared in 1850.

The Society of Separatists of Zoar

The dissertation of Edgar Nixon. This is considered one of the key resources of information on the history of Zoar.

Census Records

Census records of the village of Zoar from 1820 to 1930.

Civil War in Zoar

September 16 & 17, 2023

Please note online ticketing has closed for Civil War in Zoar, but you can still purchase walk-on tickets. 

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