Sewing House #5 - 1840’s

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The Sewing House is located on the northwest corner of Park and Third Streets.

This building is actually the second sewing house. The first was located on the southwest corner of this intersection and is no longer standing. The house was the home of Jacob Kuemerle and his family. Three rooms were reserved for sewing rooms. In one room was a long table, around which sat the seamstresses, usually older or handicapped women. The patching for the hotel was done here, and yard goods were distributed at the Sewing House for all dresses.

Usually all girls were given dresses from the same bolt of material. If there was a shortage, the girl who had to take a dress made from another bolt was disappointed. This happened mostly in later years, when the calico had a plaid or flowered pattern.

The Sewing House is owned by the Ohio History Connection, and is currently home of the Stars of Zoar Artisan Co-op.

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