Weaving Haus #36 - 1825

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The Weaving Haus is located at the southwest corner of Main and Fifth Streets.

The Weaving Haus is where linen was woven, and later, rag carpets. Two looms were located in the basement of this building. One was used for linen, the other for carpet. The flax for the linen was raised in the fields. Once the flax was combed and spun into thread on spinning wheels, it was taken to the Weaving Haus to be woven into three grades of linen cloth.

This is also where the carpet rags that were sewn at the “carpet-rag sewings” in the winter were woven into yards and yards of “hit and miss” carpet.

John Ricker, a weaver by trade in Germany, came to Zoar around 1837 and was in charge of linen weaving. Gottlieb Seitz was the last carpet weaver for the Society.

The Weaving Haus is currently a private residence, and is the home of Indian River Graphics, a graphic design and advertising agency.

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